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Aug 3, 2009

Blog issues

Hey all..I have been very out of touch with the blog lately and I do apologize. Not sure what is going on with the layout here but having some technical difficulties and am in the process of a major blog stay tuned and I will be sure to send out info and invites to all of you involved.. Big Love.. R!

Aug 1, 2009

Jun 30, 2009

ZuZuGirl Thanks!

I wanted to send out a very special thanks to Kristi of ZuzuGirl Handmade! Not only does Kristi have an amazing blog and a wonderful Etsy shop but she spends much of her time promoting others! In a time of great financial strain for most of us, it is so refreshing to find such wonderful and supportive women who selflessly take their time and efforts to all ways. I thank her for her kindness and friendship and I truly hope that Kristi and women like her will receive their own recognition and selling success. They so deserve it!