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May 30, 2009

Spearmint Baby does it AGAIN!!

What a wonderful surprise! Shari over at Spearmint Baby has featured more of my work! She is so incredibly generous of both her time and effort in promoting the makers of handmade. I am truly honored to be recognized. Last week Shari featured my first pair of baby booties...and this week she has done it again with my second pair and a bonus of two pairs of my bunny ears hair clips! Now that's dedication! All of this recognition and promotion is one of the reasons that I am quickly falling in love with the internet. People and places I would have never otherwise had the privilege to know. It also makes me realize just how many super talented and dedicated women artists and crafters are out there in the world. It makes me feel a sense of know so many women in similar circumstances. It's like fitting together pieces of a puzzle. The beauty of it also is that at any given time, day or night, there is always one of these great people to chat with as they are from around the globe and on different time zones. I never ever take for granted the generosity of those who dedicate their time and spaces to spotlighting others, myself included. It is wonderful to be noticed and for that alone I thank you Shari and all of those before and hopefully after you! Happy gorgeous Saturday!

May 22, 2009

waiting for momma

waiting for momma
waiting for momma,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
Today's baby bird update..I was extremely careful not to disturb the babies in their nest..They are so big that they are visible from the ground and I actually took this shot from a good distance..They are just so adorable that I can't stop thinking about them! I was also very careful to make sure I got this shot between naps and feeding intervals of the babies..and I know both parents are closely watching me from a safe distance..Today was the first day I actually saw the momma and papa an adjoining tree..watching me and screaming at each other..I so love nature!

May 21, 2009

baby birds X3

baby birds X3
baby birds X3,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
Look at what I found in my backyard today! I knew there was a nest and thought perhaps a few eggs..but not this! Three beautiful baby heart be still..and I did NOT attempt to do this or take pics until I had educated myself about viewing birds nests..and the safety of it...

Spearmint Baby Feature

Oh My...Some days I am so fortunate! There is such a wealth of incredible websites and blogs, and along with them, behind the scenes are just as many incredible people..those whose sole business it is to maintain these sites. These people expend much time, effort, energy and thought to keep up with the world and all of the great things in it, specifically crafts, art, artists and creative people. I have been very lucky in the way of sites like these, having been noticed by them and by way of promotion of many of my pieces that I create. Today's take notice moment has come to me by the way of the ever so fabulous site, Spearmint Baby! This site's curator, Shari has devoted all of her efforts into searching for and finding great baby items and she has quite a following as well. What impressed me immediately about Shari was her respect of other people's items and photos, writing me first to request permission to feature my felt baby booties along with the photos and link to my site! I found that to be very sweet and not only was I incredibly flattered but also so touched that she respected my creative rights enough to ask before she acted. Honestly, I have been featured in my share of blogs and the like and am always happy to be a part of things like that but I found it so refreshing that someone would take the time to contact me prior. So please head on over to her fabulous site and check out my feature and the other great articles. A fantastic site if you are an expectant, first-time, new or seasoned mother!

May 7, 2009

Another PaperGirlProductions feature! Belle of Paper Girl Productions is constantly featuring my work! I just love her and her blog is fabulous! Click the link above to check it out!

May 3, 2009

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing..this one is for you!!!

A very special gift for my good friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! Many of you are familiar with Elizabeth..and those of you who really know her well will undoubtedly call her friend as I do.

She is perhaps one of the sweetest, nicest, most talented, giving and loving people you or I will ever know. It is a very special person who is so willing to give so much of their time, effort and themselves for people that they have only met through the world wide web!

Elizabeth has gifted to me an incredible assortment of heartfelt goodies from one of her very precious childhood memories. She has done this for me as she has for countless other crafters that have met on Flickr. She does not sell any of her creations..and I think it both a shame and a relief at the same time..a shame because everyone deserves the chance to have even one of her pieces..and a relief because she would probably put many of us other crafters out of business if she were to sell her wares!

Elizabeth adores very specific colors..of the primary nature and refers to them lovingly as 'creative breathing' colors..I had created a piece similar to this one I am gifting to her..a few days ago but the colors were greens and purples..Of course, Elizabeth left a very lovely comment on my photo of the piece..noting that it was her favorite of my, I thought..hmmm...finally something I can create for her that I know she will love and I set of today to get it done and in the colors she so adores..In the morning it will be off to her home in Ohio...and I hope she knows just how much pleasure I have received in crafting this for her as I never usually repeat my ideas..but she was/is so worth it!