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May 21, 2009

Spearmint Baby Feature

Oh My...Some days I am so fortunate! There is such a wealth of incredible websites and blogs, and along with them, behind the scenes are just as many incredible people..those whose sole business it is to maintain these sites. These people expend much time, effort, energy and thought to keep up with the world and all of the great things in it, specifically crafts, art, artists and creative people. I have been very lucky in the way of sites like these, having been noticed by them and by way of promotion of many of my pieces that I create. Today's take notice moment has come to me by the way of the ever so fabulous site, Spearmint Baby! This site's curator, Shari has devoted all of her efforts into searching for and finding great baby items and she has quite a following as well. What impressed me immediately about Shari was her respect of other people's items and photos, writing me first to request permission to feature my felt baby booties along with the photos and link to my site! I found that to be very sweet and not only was I incredibly flattered but also so touched that she respected my creative rights enough to ask before she acted. Honestly, I have been featured in my share of blogs and the like and am always happy to be a part of things like that but I found it so refreshing that someone would take the time to contact me prior. So please head on over to her fabulous site and check out my feature and the other great articles. A fantastic site if you are an expectant, first-time, new or seasoned mother!

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