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Aug 3, 2009

Blog issues

Hey all..I have been very out of touch with the blog lately and I do apologize. Not sure what is going on with the layout here but having some technical difficulties and am in the process of a major blog stay tuned and I will be sure to send out info and invites to all of you involved.. Big Love.. R!

Aug 1, 2009

Jun 30, 2009

ZuZuGirl Thanks!

I wanted to send out a very special thanks to Kristi of ZuzuGirl Handmade! Not only does Kristi have an amazing blog and a wonderful Etsy shop but she spends much of her time promoting others! In a time of great financial strain for most of us, it is so refreshing to find such wonderful and supportive women who selflessly take their time and efforts to all ways. I thank her for her kindness and friendship and I truly hope that Kristi and women like her will receive their own recognition and selling success. They so deserve it!

Harper's New Shoes!

Oh how I love to create personal items for others. Every single person I have met and done business with has been so enthusiastic even prior to getting their items! Shari of Spearmint Baby is certainly no exception to that! She has graciously and selflessly featured my baby booties on her blog..not once, but twice! And now...a third time dedicating a good deal of blog space to a pair of booties I have crafted for her darling baby Harper! I don't even have words to properly describe my feelings nor to offer the thanks she so deserves. Shari has developed a great network at showcasing the best of the best in baby wear, new mom items, nursery design and outstanding product reviews. She is quite dedicated and has a long list of followers along with other great mom bloggers who share in her dedication! Shari, you really are the best!

May 30, 2009

Spearmint Baby does it AGAIN!!

What a wonderful surprise! Shari over at Spearmint Baby has featured more of my work! She is so incredibly generous of both her time and effort in promoting the makers of handmade. I am truly honored to be recognized. Last week Shari featured my first pair of baby booties...and this week she has done it again with my second pair and a bonus of two pairs of my bunny ears hair clips! Now that's dedication! All of this recognition and promotion is one of the reasons that I am quickly falling in love with the internet. People and places I would have never otherwise had the privilege to know. It also makes me realize just how many super talented and dedicated women artists and crafters are out there in the world. It makes me feel a sense of know so many women in similar circumstances. It's like fitting together pieces of a puzzle. The beauty of it also is that at any given time, day or night, there is always one of these great people to chat with as they are from around the globe and on different time zones. I never ever take for granted the generosity of those who dedicate their time and spaces to spotlighting others, myself included. It is wonderful to be noticed and for that alone I thank you Shari and all of those before and hopefully after you! Happy gorgeous Saturday!

May 22, 2009

waiting for momma

waiting for momma
waiting for momma,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
Today's baby bird update..I was extremely careful not to disturb the babies in their nest..They are so big that they are visible from the ground and I actually took this shot from a good distance..They are just so adorable that I can't stop thinking about them! I was also very careful to make sure I got this shot between naps and feeding intervals of the babies..and I know both parents are closely watching me from a safe distance..Today was the first day I actually saw the momma and papa an adjoining tree..watching me and screaming at each other..I so love nature!

May 21, 2009

baby birds X3

baby birds X3
baby birds X3,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
Look at what I found in my backyard today! I knew there was a nest and thought perhaps a few eggs..but not this! Three beautiful baby heart be still..and I did NOT attempt to do this or take pics until I had educated myself about viewing birds nests..and the safety of it...

Spearmint Baby Feature

Oh My...Some days I am so fortunate! There is such a wealth of incredible websites and blogs, and along with them, behind the scenes are just as many incredible people..those whose sole business it is to maintain these sites. These people expend much time, effort, energy and thought to keep up with the world and all of the great things in it, specifically crafts, art, artists and creative people. I have been very lucky in the way of sites like these, having been noticed by them and by way of promotion of many of my pieces that I create. Today's take notice moment has come to me by the way of the ever so fabulous site, Spearmint Baby! This site's curator, Shari has devoted all of her efforts into searching for and finding great baby items and she has quite a following as well. What impressed me immediately about Shari was her respect of other people's items and photos, writing me first to request permission to feature my felt baby booties along with the photos and link to my site! I found that to be very sweet and not only was I incredibly flattered but also so touched that she respected my creative rights enough to ask before she acted. Honestly, I have been featured in my share of blogs and the like and am always happy to be a part of things like that but I found it so refreshing that someone would take the time to contact me prior. So please head on over to her fabulous site and check out my feature and the other great articles. A fantastic site if you are an expectant, first-time, new or seasoned mother!

May 7, 2009

Another PaperGirlProductions feature! Belle of Paper Girl Productions is constantly featuring my work! I just love her and her blog is fabulous! Click the link above to check it out!

May 3, 2009

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing..this one is for you!!!

A very special gift for my good friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! Many of you are familiar with Elizabeth..and those of you who really know her well will undoubtedly call her friend as I do.

She is perhaps one of the sweetest, nicest, most talented, giving and loving people you or I will ever know. It is a very special person who is so willing to give so much of their time, effort and themselves for people that they have only met through the world wide web!

Elizabeth has gifted to me an incredible assortment of heartfelt goodies from one of her very precious childhood memories. She has done this for me as she has for countless other crafters that have met on Flickr. She does not sell any of her creations..and I think it both a shame and a relief at the same time..a shame because everyone deserves the chance to have even one of her pieces..and a relief because she would probably put many of us other crafters out of business if she were to sell her wares!

Elizabeth adores very specific colors..of the primary nature and refers to them lovingly as 'creative breathing' colors..I had created a piece similar to this one I am gifting to her..a few days ago but the colors were greens and purples..Of course, Elizabeth left a very lovely comment on my photo of the piece..noting that it was her favorite of my, I thought..hmmm...finally something I can create for her that I know she will love and I set of today to get it done and in the colors she so adores..In the morning it will be off to her home in Ohio...and I hope she knows just how much pleasure I have received in crafting this for her as I never usually repeat my ideas..but she was/is so worth it!

Apr 25, 2009

This Heart Tells a Story

This Heart Tells a Story
This Heart Tells a Story,
originally uploaded by creative breathing.
I still can't believe that this jar and everything in it were crafted for ME! I am so very touched by this and even more now that I have read the blog post.story about the inspiration for these items..Elizabeth of Creative Breathing is simply incredible all around! A beautiful artist, crafter, writer, photographer and friend..What more could anyone ask for! I am honored!

Apr 14, 2009


I am constantly speechless and amazed by the abundance of love and friendship I receive from people I have never personally met! I often complain about the internet as it sucks much of my time and influences my teenagers in a way that I don't like..BUT, that being said, the upside and equal balance to this thinking is the sheer joy and support I continually get from women I would not otherwise have known due to the internet! I have spoken of my friend Nancy a few times on this blog and she so deserves every recognition I give her here and she is always so proactive in being thankful to me. I LOVE to give..and it's even more special to give to those whom I know truly appreciate it! Nancy is at the top of that list. She had admired something I created and expressed an interest in purchasing one of them..Being that she is my friend and has done many wonderful things for me..I would never dream of doing anything less than gifting an item to her. I will be clear in saying that she has purchased items from my Etsy shop as gifts for her family..but something for her specifically...well back to the giving part..She is so enthusiastic over receiving anything from me so that alone is worth everything to me..Not only did Nancy express her gratitude to me..but she did it in great fashion! She set up a photo shoot for the piece..downloaded the pics and added them to Flickr along with a beautiful description..AND she took the time to create an entire blog post about the gift! I don't think she will ever truly know just how much that thoughtfulness means to me as I realize that the time alone this takes is a gift unto itself..So for you NJ counterpart..I love Ya to pieces and am so incredibly grateful that we were able to meet eachother and that we can call each other friend!!

Apr 10, 2009


OK so I have to list 7 things I love...this idea came from my very good friend Nancy who received a blogger award and passed on her love to a few of her being one of them. So here it goes..I am going to attempt to list from the top of my head and see what comes out.. 1)I LOVE the rare occasion when I get to be in my house kids, no hubby and no dog! 2)I LOVE and adore dogs...and my favorite part of them is the smell of their peds..puppy feat! 3)I LOVE all things bird! Any type of bird, and time of year..real birds..fabric birds..bird beads..painted get the idea! 4)I LOVE sitting on my back deck when a load of laundry is in the dryer and I can smell the dryer sheet coming through the vent into the backyard. 5)I LOVE the exact moment when you realize that Spring has finally arrived..and you look up while driving and all of the trees have green budding leaves on them. 6)I LOVE thinking back on the days when my kids were younger and enjoying their company and all of the great parent Little League, early Sunday morning soccer games..visiting the gyms of opposing basketball teams and watching all of the kids enjoy themselves. 7) I LOVE knowing that I have met so many wonderful women through online venues and that each and every one of them are always just a mouse click away if I ever need anything..and are always there to help, listen and support all of my life moments, good and bad!

Apr 6, 2009

Beyond the Box banner-2nd Etsy shop I finally took the plunge and set up a 2nd Etsy shop..I know, I is difficult just keeping up with one but I feel the additional shop will greatly help me to get and stay organized with my crafts and crafting. I needed the 2nd shop to begin showcasing and selling all of my paper-type creations..Fingers crossed! This Beyond the Box Etsy shop banner was created by me using Picnik..go to to make your own..Totally FREE and quite easy!

Think Outside the Box Etsy shop banner

New Etsy shop banner created using Picnik...It was SO easy and totally FREE! I highly endorse this website..get your own at

Think Outside the Box Lollishops banner

New Lollishops shop banner created using Picnik!

Apr 5, 2009

Spring has almost sprung!

OK...I can feel the breeze of change...literally and figuratively! Boy that word looks funny when typed, no? Anyhow, I am proud to say that finally the huge heaping mounds of filthy frozen winter snow have met their maker..and their maker is the sun and the temperature beating down upon the earth. Thee biggest sacrifice we have made throughout the winter months has to be the lack of outdoor space because of all that snow. When it falls, and it did quite often this year, there is no where for it to go except onto all of our available outdoor spaces. My poor pooch has endured a very long winter of discontent as she was not free to cavort and romp. She is a great creature of routine and as hubby puts it, fiercely independent! Our routine in the 'nice' weather is to have an early evening cup o' joe on the deck while pup gallops like a mini horse around the yard chasing an array of tennis,rubber and inflated balls. This is what she does and when that is taken from her then depression hits like a bag of cement. This year hubby did snow-blow a path from the deck steps to the other side that we fondly referred to as the 'racetrack' but that didn't produce much elation..especially considering that the racetrack quickly turned into the 'poop track' when poor pup had nowhere else to 'go'...she did attempt the impossible on many occasions..lifting herself up onto the snow piles in a futile effort to leave her 'behinds' away from areas that she could step upon. On a sidebar note here..3 hours and a dozen plastic bags later, hubby and I had the distinct pleasure of removing all of those winter landmines that embedded themselves deep into the snow and eventually popped up onto the ground once the snow melted fully. Hours of fun I tell ya! So now we have assessed the winter damage now that we can fully view the remnants of what should be grass and have to say that it really isn't that bad. Granted, we had many impressive ice storms this winter and did lose quite a few branches and some bushes but during all of that we (and when I say we I mean hubby) made the effort to stay on top of any issues, damage and the potentials for disaster. All of my nagging at hubby to get out and take care of things while they were happening really paid off now that Spring is here. All over this tiny wooded town there are echoed sounds of chainsaws and leaf blowers from others who were NOT proactive through the wintertime. We lost a lot as a town and many of the carcuses of Oaks and Pines that did not fare well in those stroms, lay alongside the roads awaiting further demise..chopped up inot manageable pieces and hauled off to that place they take dead trees to lay in rest. All this being said, I am happily enjoying the dancing and mating rituals of my many feathered friends in my backyard. I got smart already this year and decided to strategically place bird seed and a few extra special birdie treats right onto the railing of my deck so that I can watch them at close range and when real lucky I can actually snap a few photos of my elusive and camera shy flight friends. AHHH my IS good!

Apr 2, 2009

The Elusive Cardinal!

I am in the middle of a great flirting affair with my Cardinal friend. He and his wife come around every year. I have seen him through the winter months as well but now I see him everyday. Often he leaves the little woman 'at home' and comes to my deck for some cashews but he has been quite elusive these days. He can sense when I am reaching for the camera..and then hides among the branches so I can't snap a shot of him.

You can see my attempts on the left and then..voila! I caught him off guard as he was reaching for a golden raisin I left out for him. You can see from his expression that he was a bit peeved that I won this round!

Mar 25, 2009


Hey!! Have you heard? Little 'ol me is being featured over at the awesome blog VinylRocksMyWorld! Included in the wonderful blog-styling of its owner Amanda is a fabulous giveaway hosted by yours truly! So head on over by clicking on the word 'featured' above..and it will take you right to the giveaway and the directions on how to enter..very easy.. Here's your chance to get TWO of my crafted goodies...PLUS a special discount code to redeem in my ETSY SHOP! WOO stuff and discount coupons..what is better than that?

Mar 22, 2009

Marabou feather bird nest ornament

My newest creation..available in the shop...Just wanted to share some springtime inspiration for those of you still looking at mounds of snow in your yard!

Paper Girl Productions

I just adore PaperGirlProductions! Belle is the creator of this fabulous blog, etsy shop and flickr group. Her sole mission is to showcase other talented artists and all of their sugary-sweet hand crafted items! Her blog is a great read as it is quite visual which is what I really enjoy when viewing a blog. She takes much care in showcasing new and innovative hand made items...and is sure to let you know when she has given one of your pieces the spotlight! Belle has featured many of my items in the time I have come to know her and I just wanted to share...the latest with you and to also give HER the shout out this time.. So here's to you Belle...thank you for all that you do for everyone so deserve the attention!

Mar 20, 2009


In honor of the first official day of Spring..I am writing a blog post..and writing it in purple! woo-hoo! I adore Spring! The thought of new seedlings popping up everywhere..the buds on trees beginning to sprout..the smell of fresh cut grass..scrumptious! For me the real 1st day of Spring is when Daylight Savings occurs..setting the clock ahead one hour..signaling longer daytime hours..more sunlight..and just an overall happiness...All of those suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder....this is the time in which we can poke our heads out from under the covers..perhaps put on a lighter weight sweatshirt..and step out on the back porch for a deep breath of fresh is coming..the warmer weather, the wonderful aromas of fresh flowers...the singing birds and so on...I often question why I choose to live in a state that has such severe inclement weather and where the four seasons are so prevalent? But on the upside of that I suppose I would not appreciate the springtime and the Summer if I was not so keenly aware of the absolute opposite..So..I guess there is always that balance of good and bad..and beginning to answer my own questions..this is what springtime does to me..Optimism is in the air.. So happy Spring beginnings abound! Oh yeah..speaking of new beginnings..I have finally opened up my online is in its beginning stages but stages nonetheless..Click the word Lollishop take you there.

Mar 7, 2009

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Mickey Mouse red felt plush heart with needle felted Waldorf baby

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Mickey Mouse red felt plush heart with needle felted Waldorf baby

More wonderful exposure from the Felt Editor at! Linda are the best and so incredibly good to me. You are extremely supportive of my work and always give me the best compliments and promotions! Than you so very much!

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Hand sewn white felt Peony flower headband

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Hand sewn white felt Peony flower headband

Linda Lanese, the felting editor at is just so kind to me. She has created two or three recommendations on my pieces to the ThisNext website. I can't tell you just how wonderful she is and how fabulous she has been to me. She gives me so much internet exposure and is highly sought after for her area of expertise. Thanks again and again, Linda!

Mar 6, 2009

Friday Feature on!

I was thrilled to receive a correspondence on Flickr telling me one of my items has been featured on! I ADORE that website and their Flickr group. It showcases an incredible amount of adorable hand crafted items from thousands of talented artisans! So, to have one of my items selected and featured is a great honor, not to mention a little something for me to get excited about! Plus, I must admit, it is a fabulous venue to be recognized on and fabulous free shop promotion! I really have been so very fortunate these past few months to be recognized by many influential website editors and designers. Now, if I can just harness all of that exposure and turn it into many sales I will be golden! Hey, one thing at a time, right! HAPPY WEEKEND!

Feb 15, 2009

From Nancy's Heart

I have been meaning to create a post for some time now but my procrastination level is up on high these days! I could actually create a very long list explaining why I think it is far worse these days but..well..I'm a procrastinator so I am not fond of lists! Kind of a catch-22 isn't it? I will say this though....winter sucks so bad and I can't grasp how anyone in their right mind would even remotely enjoy this season! Who in the hell enjoys being outside in sub-zero weather with a wind chill that could melt your skin off? Certainly NOT me...which brings me to that same old question I always seem to ask myself...why on God's green Earth do I choose to live in New Hampshire..or anywhere even close to New England? Well, I suppose my first inclination would be that I was unwillingly put here when I wasn't old enough to have a say or vote...It was a parental decision to be in these parts but I am 40 years old now and have been able to make my own decisions for twice as long as I am the answer to this query is simply this..have I mentioned to you all that I am a HUGE procrastinator? Anyhow..done with the usual rant for now. This post is brought on by something that does warm me and sustains me through these awful frigid, frozen tundra months and that is the kindness of strangers! Well. I wouldn't call them least anymore. I have come to meet and know quite a few exceptional human beings and fellow crafters. Through venues such as Etsy and mostly Flickr, I have discovered many like-minded women. We all share in the love of handcrafted and creating while attempting to continue to be good mothers and wives. It is very refreshing to know and share in all of the ups and downs associated with all of that tand to know that I am far from alone in my eclectic thinking. I could fill an entire page on this blog with just the names of all of these great women but today's post is for my Italian Jersey girl partner in East Coast crime.. Nancy!! We had met through Flickr and commented on eachothers pictures of our work which led Nancy to my Etsy shop and then a special custom order for her and her mom and sis. I created 3 felt heart ornaments in different styles for her to give as gifts. She was so wonderful to work with that I felt compelled to craft a special flet heart brooch for her..just as a thank you. Well, she was so thrilled with it tha tshe created an entire blog post on her site devoted to showcasing the pin and thanking me for it. A few days after that, I received a special package in the mail..yup..from Nancy! She sent me one of the cutest and sweet handcrafted pins I have ever seen. Imagine, a customer sending the seller a gift!? Crazy..I was so touched by it that my immediate thanks just didn't seem enough. The brooch is an impeccible painted wood ice cream cone with a snowman on top. Her painting skills are admiralbe...and I just fell in love. Yes, I loved the pin but more importantly, I loved the idea of the pin. These are the types of people that are out there i the world and I am fortuante enought o have found them. While none of us are in close proximity to one another, each of us is just a mouse click away and I really enjoy that. Nancy has a fabulous blog and Etsy shop so please go and check her out. Thank you Nancy for your kindness and generousity especially at a time when everything else is cold and frozen! You're the best!

Jan 24, 2009

A Very Cool Feature for me!

Ok so..some of you already know this but many still do not. One of the editors over at Craft Gossip..great website..has created an article about me and some of my felted items..It is very cool. Just click on the words Craft Gossip above and it will take you to the feature. Fell free to leave a comment there too.

Jan 15, 2009

Etsy Front Page 1/11/09 swiedebie

Woo Hoo another FP!..this one was form last week..and I just found out today but I did have my suspicions as the item listed received many new hearts!

close up heart details

OK last more pic of the hearts custom order..

medium hearts detail 2

and some more heart close up ics..

medium hearts detail

medium hearts detail
medium hearts detail,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
close up of embellished work on my custom order for to create some felt birdies for her now!

hanging large hearts

hanging large hearts
hanging large hearts,
originally uploaded by Thinkoutsidethebox2008.
and surprise..even more hearts for the custom order..I love hearts and had so much fun creating these as I was given complete creative freedom to craft what I wanted with the hearts..

small attached hanging hearts

more hearts for the custom order

medium hearts measurement

A few hearts for a custom order..and actually the beginning of a great collaboration in business..thanks Heather!!

Jan 13, 2009

Etsy Front Page 1.13.09 by Huismus

WOOHOO! I made it to the Front Page of Etsy! My birdie ornament is in the bottom left much fun! Of course I missed it and the other one I was in last month..but I did receive a lot of new hearts in my shop as a result of this how to translate that into sales? HMM?