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Mar 22, 2009

Paper Girl Productions

I just adore PaperGirlProductions! Belle is the creator of this fabulous blog, etsy shop and flickr group. Her sole mission is to showcase other talented artists and all of their sugary-sweet hand crafted items! Her blog is a great read as it is quite visual which is what I really enjoy when viewing a blog. She takes much care in showcasing new and innovative hand made items...and is sure to let you know when she has given one of your pieces the spotlight! Belle has featured many of my items in the time I have come to know her and I just wanted to share...the latest with you and to also give HER the shout out this time.. So here's to you Belle...thank you for all that you do for everyone so deserve the attention!


Paper Girl Productions said...

awww....thank you so much Rachel!! You are too sweet!! xo Belle

Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said... are too sweet Belle!