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May 30, 2009

Spearmint Baby does it AGAIN!!

What a wonderful surprise! Shari over at Spearmint Baby has featured more of my work! She is so incredibly generous of both her time and effort in promoting the makers of handmade. I am truly honored to be recognized. Last week Shari featured my first pair of baby booties...and this week she has done it again with my second pair and a bonus of two pairs of my bunny ears hair clips! Now that's dedication! All of this recognition and promotion is one of the reasons that I am quickly falling in love with the internet. People and places I would have never otherwise had the privilege to know. It also makes me realize just how many super talented and dedicated women artists and crafters are out there in the world. It makes me feel a sense of know so many women in similar circumstances. It's like fitting together pieces of a puzzle. The beauty of it also is that at any given time, day or night, there is always one of these great people to chat with as they are from around the globe and on different time zones. I never ever take for granted the generosity of those who dedicate their time and spaces to spotlighting others, myself included. It is wonderful to be noticed and for that alone I thank you Shari and all of those before and hopefully after you! Happy gorgeous Saturday!


Aileen said...

Thanks for stopping by :-) Pineapple Chiffon ended up winning hand's down. I like your idea of combining the names darn it! Love what you create and your blog name :-)

Happy Creating!

Vanessa said...

Don't you just love the handmade community online?!