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May 3, 2009

Elizabeth of Creative Breathing..this one is for you!!!

A very special gift for my good friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing! Many of you are familiar with Elizabeth..and those of you who really know her well will undoubtedly call her friend as I do.

She is perhaps one of the sweetest, nicest, most talented, giving and loving people you or I will ever know. It is a very special person who is so willing to give so much of their time, effort and themselves for people that they have only met through the world wide web!

Elizabeth has gifted to me an incredible assortment of heartfelt goodies from one of her very precious childhood memories. She has done this for me as she has for countless other crafters that have met on Flickr. She does not sell any of her creations..and I think it both a shame and a relief at the same time..a shame because everyone deserves the chance to have even one of her pieces..and a relief because she would probably put many of us other crafters out of business if she were to sell her wares!

Elizabeth adores very specific colors..of the primary nature and refers to them lovingly as 'creative breathing' colors..I had created a piece similar to this one I am gifting to her..a few days ago but the colors were greens and purples..Of course, Elizabeth left a very lovely comment on my photo of the piece..noting that it was her favorite of my, I thought..hmmm...finally something I can create for her that I know she will love and I set of today to get it done and in the colors she so adores..In the morning it will be off to her home in Ohio...and I hope she knows just how much pleasure I have received in crafting this for her as I never usually repeat my ideas..but she was/is so worth it!

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She'sSewPretty said...

I saw your cute wheelbarrow on Flickr and had to come read your blog. I am lucky enough to call Elizabeth a friend and have received one her fantastic pincushions. You are right...if she started selling her creations..we'd all be in trouble or broke...LOL