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Apr 14, 2009


I am constantly speechless and amazed by the abundance of love and friendship I receive from people I have never personally met! I often complain about the internet as it sucks much of my time and influences my teenagers in a way that I don't like..BUT, that being said, the upside and equal balance to this thinking is the sheer joy and support I continually get from women I would not otherwise have known due to the internet! I have spoken of my friend Nancy a few times on this blog and she so deserves every recognition I give her here and she is always so proactive in being thankful to me. I LOVE to give..and it's even more special to give to those whom I know truly appreciate it! Nancy is at the top of that list. She had admired something I created and expressed an interest in purchasing one of them..Being that she is my friend and has done many wonderful things for me..I would never dream of doing anything less than gifting an item to her. I will be clear in saying that she has purchased items from my Etsy shop as gifts for her family..but something for her specifically...well back to the giving part..She is so enthusiastic over receiving anything from me so that alone is worth everything to me..Not only did Nancy express her gratitude to me..but she did it in great fashion! She set up a photo shoot for the piece..downloaded the pics and added them to Flickr along with a beautiful description..AND she took the time to create an entire blog post about the gift! I don't think she will ever truly know just how much that thoughtfulness means to me as I realize that the time alone this takes is a gift unto itself..So for you NJ counterpart..I love Ya to pieces and am so incredibly grateful that we were able to meet eachother and that we can call each other friend!!


From Nancys Heart said...

You are just incredible!! Thanks for all the thanks!
I read your comment on my blog and I was laughing and crying too!! You are so right! We would NEVER get anything done! You are the best and such a wonderfully creative person! :D

Hope you and family are good.

Michelle said...

a great and colorful blog!

Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

Oh and I could go on and on with thanking one another because we are the same type of people..Just know that I appreciate you and I know that you also appreciate me! I think that you are the BEST too my friend!

april o said...

That is so sweet!!! I stumbled upon your blog and will be turning 40 in 40 days! I am making a 40 things to do list before I turn 40. One I decided to find 40 bloggers who are 40. Well... you r my first - yeah! Only 39 more to go!!

creative breathing said...

A blog! Why didn't I think to look! Thank you so much for your kind words. I did LOVE the first wheelbarrow pin - that is the one I was thinking, HMMMM I would love this in CB colors! (sorry, short term memory loss) I have to tell you I LOVED your Hippy story! One of my daughter's apartments sounded just like it! Kitchen painted PURPLE with big orange sunflowers! YUGH! Again, thank you so much for your sweet pin! I can't wait to receive it! Elizabeth