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Sep 19, 2008

A Spotlight interview

Hi all! I am so very happy to share this spotlight with you all. A wonderful etsy shop owner and blogger has featured my shop on her blog. It was an in depth interview with some great questions for me to answer. The woman behind the blog, Amber, truly is a fantastic person, great blogger and proud owner of a growing etsy shop. I would love for you to follow the link to her blog where you can read the entire featured interview. While you are there, take a moment to browse around Amber's blog too. She really has spent much of her own time to create a blog loaded with great tips for etsy sellers! There are many posts dedicated to this very topic with invaluable information for us all. Amber speaks from fabulous business experience so her advice should be taken very seriously! I thank her tremendously for spending her valuable and limited amount of time...even through a very bad illness these past few selflessly promote my shop and others! Not only do I get this great feature full of limitless exposure but Amber has also shared some very heartfelt words of kindness about me as a person. I thank her over and over for everything! She also has her own personal website up and running now too! Take a moment to check it out in addition to her blog and etsy store. On her new site you, the buyer, will be able to easily request and create personalized and custom orders through the myriad of selections she is the link and her etsy store... I do hope everyone will take a few moments to check out all of the great links I've provided..enjoy! Rachel

Sep 6, 2008

Yet another really cool blog to visit!!!

You must have a look at this fabulous blog. It is another in the ever growing list of blogs and bloggers who selflessly spend their free time promoting OTHER etsy shops. Some of those featured on this blog and the others like it are in fact, direct competion for the blogger and their own etsy store..but they don't care becasue they are just super wonderful and caring people. They are worth having a look at for just that one reason alone not to mention the unique and cool ways that they have come up with to feature other sellers. This blog in particular, owned and run by Amanda, features countless other etsy shops by featuring a few each week, adding links to their shops, providing an item picture and then to top it all off..creating a super cool rhyme about that shop!!! For this I applaud these blogs and the people behind them who take the time out of their hectic daily schedules to spread around some promotional love in unique and creative ways to people other than themselves. All of this for nothing more than an occasional 'thank you'. Well, I thank you greatly from the bottom of my heart.. Visit Amanda's blog...Unique Fabric Needs... and again I'd like to showcase the tags and buttons blog because it was through her that I found Amanda's blog...(funny how all of these great individuals know one another!) Thanks again ladies!!!!!