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Feb 15, 2009

From Nancy's Heart

I have been meaning to create a post for some time now but my procrastination level is up on high these days! I could actually create a very long list explaining why I think it is far worse these days but..well..I'm a procrastinator so I am not fond of lists! Kind of a catch-22 isn't it? I will say this though....winter sucks so bad and I can't grasp how anyone in their right mind would even remotely enjoy this season! Who in the hell enjoys being outside in sub-zero weather with a wind chill that could melt your skin off? Certainly NOT me...which brings me to that same old question I always seem to ask myself...why on God's green Earth do I choose to live in New Hampshire..or anywhere even close to New England? Well, I suppose my first inclination would be that I was unwillingly put here when I wasn't old enough to have a say or vote...It was a parental decision to be in these parts but I am 40 years old now and have been able to make my own decisions for twice as long as I am the answer to this query is simply this..have I mentioned to you all that I am a HUGE procrastinator? Anyhow..done with the usual rant for now. This post is brought on by something that does warm me and sustains me through these awful frigid, frozen tundra months and that is the kindness of strangers! Well. I wouldn't call them least anymore. I have come to meet and know quite a few exceptional human beings and fellow crafters. Through venues such as Etsy and mostly Flickr, I have discovered many like-minded women. We all share in the love of handcrafted and creating while attempting to continue to be good mothers and wives. It is very refreshing to know and share in all of the ups and downs associated with all of that tand to know that I am far from alone in my eclectic thinking. I could fill an entire page on this blog with just the names of all of these great women but today's post is for my Italian Jersey girl partner in East Coast crime.. Nancy!! We had met through Flickr and commented on eachothers pictures of our work which led Nancy to my Etsy shop and then a special custom order for her and her mom and sis. I created 3 felt heart ornaments in different styles for her to give as gifts. She was so wonderful to work with that I felt compelled to craft a special flet heart brooch for her..just as a thank you. Well, she was so thrilled with it tha tshe created an entire blog post on her site devoted to showcasing the pin and thanking me for it. A few days after that, I received a special package in the mail..yup..from Nancy! She sent me one of the cutest and sweet handcrafted pins I have ever seen. Imagine, a customer sending the seller a gift!? Crazy..I was so touched by it that my immediate thanks just didn't seem enough. The brooch is an impeccible painted wood ice cream cone with a snowman on top. Her painting skills are admiralbe...and I just fell in love. Yes, I loved the pin but more importantly, I loved the idea of the pin. These are the types of people that are out there i the world and I am fortuante enought o have found them. While none of us are in close proximity to one another, each of us is just a mouse click away and I really enjoy that. Nancy has a fabulous blog and Etsy shop so please go and check her out. Thank you Nancy for your kindness and generousity especially at a time when everything else is cold and frozen! You're the best!