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Jun 30, 2009

ZuZuGirl Thanks!

I wanted to send out a very special thanks to Kristi of ZuzuGirl Handmade! Not only does Kristi have an amazing blog and a wonderful Etsy shop but she spends much of her time promoting others! In a time of great financial strain for most of us, it is so refreshing to find such wonderful and supportive women who selflessly take their time and efforts to all ways. I thank her for her kindness and friendship and I truly hope that Kristi and women like her will receive their own recognition and selling success. They so deserve it!


kristi said...

Oh my bloggy goodness. I can't believe I JUST saw this. No thanks necessary at all...I just like pretty things and you, my dear, have got lots of them!

Admin said...

love your colorful Etsy mini! looks great! i'm back!