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Mar 25, 2009


Hey!! Have you heard? Little 'ol me is being featured over at the awesome blog VinylRocksMyWorld! Included in the wonderful blog-styling of its owner Amanda is a fabulous giveaway hosted by yours truly! So head on over by clicking on the word 'featured' above..and it will take you right to the giveaway and the directions on how to enter..very easy.. Here's your chance to get TWO of my crafted goodies...PLUS a special discount code to redeem in my ETSY SHOP! WOO stuff and discount coupons..what is better than that?

Mar 22, 2009

Marabou feather bird nest ornament

My newest creation..available in the shop...Just wanted to share some springtime inspiration for those of you still looking at mounds of snow in your yard!

Paper Girl Productions

I just adore PaperGirlProductions! Belle is the creator of this fabulous blog, etsy shop and flickr group. Her sole mission is to showcase other talented artists and all of their sugary-sweet hand crafted items! Her blog is a great read as it is quite visual which is what I really enjoy when viewing a blog. She takes much care in showcasing new and innovative hand made items...and is sure to let you know when she has given one of your pieces the spotlight! Belle has featured many of my items in the time I have come to know her and I just wanted to share...the latest with you and to also give HER the shout out this time.. So here's to you Belle...thank you for all that you do for everyone so deserve the attention!

Mar 20, 2009


In honor of the first official day of Spring..I am writing a blog post..and writing it in purple! woo-hoo! I adore Spring! The thought of new seedlings popping up everywhere..the buds on trees beginning to sprout..the smell of fresh cut grass..scrumptious! For me the real 1st day of Spring is when Daylight Savings occurs..setting the clock ahead one hour..signaling longer daytime hours..more sunlight..and just an overall happiness...All of those suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder....this is the time in which we can poke our heads out from under the covers..perhaps put on a lighter weight sweatshirt..and step out on the back porch for a deep breath of fresh is coming..the warmer weather, the wonderful aromas of fresh flowers...the singing birds and so on...I often question why I choose to live in a state that has such severe inclement weather and where the four seasons are so prevalent? But on the upside of that I suppose I would not appreciate the springtime and the Summer if I was not so keenly aware of the absolute opposite..So..I guess there is always that balance of good and bad..and beginning to answer my own questions..this is what springtime does to me..Optimism is in the air.. So happy Spring beginnings abound! Oh yeah..speaking of new beginnings..I have finally opened up my online is in its beginning stages but stages nonetheless..Click the word Lollishop take you there.

Mar 7, 2009

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Mickey Mouse red felt plush heart with needle felted Waldorf baby

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Mickey Mouse red felt plush heart with needle felted Waldorf baby

More wonderful exposure from the Felt Editor at! Linda are the best and so incredibly good to me. You are extremely supportive of my work and always give me the best compliments and promotions! Than you so very much!

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Hand sewn white felt Peony flower headband

Thinkoutsidethebox :: Hand sewn white felt Peony flower headband

Linda Lanese, the felting editor at is just so kind to me. She has created two or three recommendations on my pieces to the ThisNext website. I can't tell you just how wonderful she is and how fabulous she has been to me. She gives me so much internet exposure and is highly sought after for her area of expertise. Thanks again and again, Linda!

Mar 6, 2009

Friday Feature on!

I was thrilled to receive a correspondence on Flickr telling me one of my items has been featured on! I ADORE that website and their Flickr group. It showcases an incredible amount of adorable hand crafted items from thousands of talented artisans! So, to have one of my items selected and featured is a great honor, not to mention a little something for me to get excited about! Plus, I must admit, it is a fabulous venue to be recognized on and fabulous free shop promotion! I really have been so very fortunate these past few months to be recognized by many influential website editors and designers. Now, if I can just harness all of that exposure and turn it into many sales I will be golden! Hey, one thing at a time, right! HAPPY WEEKEND!