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Apr 7, 2008


Is anyone else having trouble staying on task these days? I sure am. I blame it all on the weather. It isn't winter anymore but it definately can't be called spring either! It is seasonal limbo!! A pergatory of impending precipitation if you will! Should I put away all of those heavy sweaters and sweatshirts? How 'bout the UGGS? Can I safely assume that my shelfed Crocs are ready, willing and able to get into the footwear rotation? On a side note here..many a dedicated Ugg and Croc wearer (and they seem to go hand-in-hand!) swear that either can be worn through every season...but I BEG to differ...Have you ever seen how ridiculous a pair of Uggs actually looks with a short skirt in the middle of the summer? Or for that matter, a pair of Uggs with a short skirt in the winter..kinda' redundant? Or the worse of the two shoe faux paus are the Crocs in the winter snow!! For Chr*st's sake people..they have holes in them and are made of plastic!! If I have to hear one more time how 'waterproof' they are..I think I'll end it. They have HOLES in them!! No amount of Mickey and Friends covers are going to plug the holes enough for water and snow to not get on your fett..or worse yet..your socks if you are actually dumb enough to wear them with socks! You might as well just pack it in and move to an over 55 timeshare in Florida and get used to eating dinner at 4 pm! I may have gotten off subject a bit where was I? Oh yeah...having trouble focusing....and blaming the immediate thoughts go to those who create Waldorf inspired season dolls...another year without a real spring and those dolls will be sporting a turtleneck with a pair of Bermuda shorts! For those of you who will get this next dry-humored joke...another year without a spring and James Taylor will be there more than you'll want him to be...."Winter..blank..Summer or FAll"..all ya have to do is.... anywho...the lack of any real resemblance of new life..budding leaves..peaking crocuses...chirping birds..buzzing bees..lulling breezes and spring will just be a thing of the past...Because of this I can't seem to begin and end my home...with my crafts..getting organized in any fashion whatsoever. There is something to be said for the phrase "spring cleaning"..this in itself represents a new time, a starting over, a refreshing moment and a get organized attitude..It is all wrapped up in that slight sweet, clean, fresh-smelling breeze associated with the season..It is renewing and without it..another crusty, stale and deadening day void of any rejuvination and motivation...For the love of Pete..there is still mounds of snow in my yard!! I just want..well I need to this point I'd be willing to settle for 45 degrees with a hint of sun...until then everything will suffer..and that's how I see it..


Megan Jack said...

Hi, We in Australia are lucky when it gets cold in winter, we don't get wet snow to contend with, unless you go up to the mountains. I wear crocs or any other slip-ons, all year round. Have done so for years. These recent winters, I am snug in my crocs with my felt boots inside them. Never got round to sealing the soles with latex, and then for convenience, just began stuffing my felted feet into my crocs, and then into my partners, larger sized ones.(This made it easier on the boots as the first year I did make a few holes in boots by squeezing feet in or walking half out the back.But having made the boots by wet felting method I discovered it was much easier to repair holes by needle-felting, which I did. Last year 'tho' I just left the holes for ventilation, as they are so warm and snug. Being wool they also keep my feet warm if they get slightly wet on outside. Wouldn't work for wet snow, unless you latexed the whole foot part. I once had an old pair of short UggBoots, bought at an Opp shop(thrift shop), with a hole in one toe,and they'd been covered in boot polish, which was great for the wet mizzily winter in Tasmania, I lived in them.
Talking about Spring cleaning, I'm doing my Autumn cleaning, and using all the 'finds'(things I've found, kept, and just put somewhere for use in the future), into some Recycled Crochet Wearable Art, check out my flickr set WIP's
Hey I found your site by looking for your needle-felting, but I haven't seen any yet, where do I go to see some, Meg

Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

Hello in Australia...thanks for all of your feedback comments...I am very partail to my Uggs and my Crocs...I could write an entire story about each one..
As far as my needle felting goes..I am in the process of finishing up a project now. I haven't created as many projects as I'd like gets in the way here! I am new to felting and have only done 4 projects so far. All that you have seen on my Flickr account are the only ones I have ever done. I do love it though. I tend to be very meticulous with my work so it takes a bit longer to complete than I'd like. But I am getting better at it and hope I'll be able to make more things a bit quicker. Right now I am finishing up a mermaid for an April challenge in one of my groups and hopefully will have it done by tomorrow..when it's finished I will post it to flickr and either be selling it in my etsy shop or on I'll let you know. I would love any feedback youi may have on it when it's complete. This is the only way for me to gauge my felting ability and progress..So I thank you for your interest and really appreciate your comeents.