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Apr 14, 2008

There's hope yet!

Hi all..or most likely..hi me! How do I get people to visit my blog??? Is it even important anyway? Not sure on either but it is cathartic to write even if it is for just myself! I was sitting here taking a break from needle felting and gazed out the patio slider into my backyard..There is NO snow left on the ground. WOW! I forgot just how big the backyard's like a whole new extension of my home...I've noticed tiny little buds of the impending spring....the trees, the flowers and even the grass..all starting to grow. I love spring for that alone. There is something to be said for new is hopeful. Even small bursts of sunshine that peak out between the clouds..makes me happy. How can anyone be blue when spring is arriving? It makes me feel so guilty if I am feeling down on a picture perfect day..It's just unnecessary. What could possibly be that bad that one can't stop for just a moment to revel in the miracle and beauty of what spring is? Those flowers you planted last season..the ones that have been covered for months in mounds of snow and ice..are now slowly spurting up from that very ground to take a peak at the amazes me that they even survive! Just stop and think for a minute at the actual odds of this...survival, birth and is miraculous and we all need to take a moment out of our hectic lives to really enjoy the wonderment of it all...but then just as quickly we need to get back to work! Until another sun-soaked morning..enjoy all that life is offering us and I promise to remember to do the same..

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