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Mar 17, 2008

Making decisions

Hi all, Well I am convinced that I am only writing here for myself...which I guess is allright as I guess I am my best audience. I think if I devote a little more time to this whole blogging thing that maybe my blog might be of some interest to other people. But what to write about? The only thing I can really pull from is my day to day thoughts and decision making. I have slowly entered into the world of crafting for profit. It's a lot of fact, more fun than I thought but...with that comes major decision making. While I fancy myself a crafter of many areas I do not possess that one signature item or thing that separates me from the masses. Not a bad thing but it has its problems too. With so much talent out there and honestly, more than I would have imagined...what is your defining factor for selling? I don't have a method so to speak...I craft whatever is in my mind for that day unless someone has taken an interest in something specific from something I have already a different size, color, pattern etc. I love to paint and create eye pleasing items that also function as other things. If I am creating an Easter basket then I also want that basket to have other uses for the buyer. I think that this is appealing to a a double bang for the buck. I think it makes us feel less guilty spending money...yes, an Easter basket is a useful item but what about when that 24 hours has passed? What then...well, for me it's..lets make that bsket purposeful for other uses..something that can be used all year long. Makes sense to me. My biggest daily arguement with myself is what should I create today? But the honest truth here is that a crafter will never know what may appeal to a buyer on any given day. I have had items that I thought were sure winners for that sale and..nothing! Other items that I was sketchy about have sold it's all a crap shoot. But isn't that what makes it fun? Well selling makes it fun but you might as well enjoy the entire ride. Everyday can bring a sparkle of excitement as you look in your shops and realize that there is one less item in your inventory because someone purchased something from you while you were sleeping!!! Small..small..small bits of excitement but I'll take it! As some know..I have recently begun needle that's a challenge! I never quite know what I am making until I am a few hours into it..and good needle felting can command some high priced sales. But many many many hours go into just one item. Is this worth putting on the back burner all those items you know you can create that will sell? Bottom line is to do what you love no matter what the outcome is. Because...if you put your love into your work..inevitably someone else..a buyer..will recognize that and then you get your sale! Building a good strong fan base is just as important as making loads of sales..because one goes with the other...

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