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Mar 28, 2008

You've GOT to be kidding me!

I woke up this morning to find 6+" of new snow on the ground! UGGH! Lately, my spirits have been on the very least, close to high...This is a direct effect of the pending spring...The backyard, although still snow covered in many areas, was beginning to show life with random patches of what I think is grass. Even the dog had an extra spring in her step as she waddled around the yard in hopes of getting off to a full-fledged run. Although the yard has looked a bit war-torn with potholes of deep snow dispersed among softer slushier areas mixed in with many dead and falling twigs left over from a pretty wild wind storm last week. We all here were more than willing to take part in any clean-up necessary to get our yard back..our space..our sense of freedom..but not as of today.'s blanket, or should I say quilt of snow has quickly dashed all of our dreams of lazy days lounging on the deck while the dog ran around senselessly chasing away any available squirrells. Gone are the hopes of the sun beating down upon our faces, eyes squinting, thirst-quenched from the heat it gives off... Back are the harsh realities of pulling out the snowblower..again..dealing with the sharp back pains from shoveling the heavy wet snow...Dashed away is any resemblance of healthy foliage green of any sort... The idea of snow in late March really douses the emotions in depression.. For it is difficult to even motivate one's mind and body or gravitate our thoughts towardany fresh and blooming thoughts..How does one now create the hope that yes..Spring is just around the corner! Well who's corner are we talking about and where is it? It certainly isn't here in New Hampshire...I guess I'll just have to suck it up, dust myself off and learn to accept the bad with the good as this is all a part of choosing to live in the does have it good points too..but it is just hard to find or remember them while I stare out the window at a white..cold..wet..covered life!

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