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Mar 10, 2008

Springing forward.....

Hi I sit here I am thinking how great it is to know that today and every day there after for at least 6 months....the available daylight hours will be getting longer and longer!! For some reason, this makes me extremely happy...I think it's the old sunlight in the pupils for more dialation addage that many refer to when it comes to Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression. The more light in the pupils, the more dilation...the more endorphins etc. Not sure of all the science involved in this but I do know that there must be some truth to it all because I am feeling the winter crusty blues beginning to disappate. But the flip side, and this is the depression side of me talking here is that if you are having a 'bad' day all around then the longer sunlit days will seem as if they'll never end! But all in all a bad sunny day far outweighs a good cold, snowy and rainy one! It would also seem that due to the 'longer' days we all have a better chance at redeeming ourselves and turning around that bad day. If it feels to us that we have a longer day because it's not getting dark until 7 or so then maybe there's a chance that our day can get better...who knows. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet but one thing rings true to me with Daylight Savings...Spring is right around the corner. The whole Daylight Savings deal, from what I know, came about decades ago when farmers depended on the days and sun and moon or whatever, for their crops and hence their livlihoods. I can never seem to remember how putting our clocks backwards and forwards played such an important role in farming. But, since the world is ever so changing, I guess we don't have that need for longer and shorter days at certain seasons. I've heard that they(whomever they are) will do away with the 'ol clock changing stuff at some point alltogether! But this year we all got a bonus, in my eyes, we were 'allowed' to change the clocks 3 weeks earlier than in previous years! My one pet peave with the clock changing is that our family traditionally reminds eachother when the clocks change about how it 'really' is only 2pm even though the clock says 3! We play this ridiculous game for a few days until the novelty wears off but don't tell anyone..the novely wore off for me about 10 years ago! Well. I have branched off from my original thought here as I often do in conversation. I think my whole point was to just say how nice it is to see the sun at all let alone being able to see it now for at least one hour more each day!!!

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