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May 19, 2008

The last HOORAH!

Well folks...this is it for me..the last hoorah...tomorrow I turn 40! 40!!!!!!40!!!!40!!! What is it about turning these big numbers that gets us so down? My dad thinks that it symbolizes another decade therefore making it seem more important in some way. Really there is no difference between 39 and 40 nor 19 to 20 or 29 to 30...But, in our minds, more so for women I think, these 'milestones' make us feel somehow older in a way we don't want to be viewed?! I have received much advice from many people these past few weeks...everyone having their own feelings, war stories and battle scars associated with their emotions when they've reached these marks. It is all reminescent of the stories we each hear when we are about to go through having a wisdom tooth pulled, giving birth etc. People LOVE to share their traumatic moments with you..why do we do that? As if telling me of the horrible feeling of pain you'll have when you inevitably get a dry socket after your tooth is pulled..coupled with the infection you will also get..or the uncomparable pain you'll feel when the head and shoulders pass through during childbirth...Don't people know that it isn't a good idea to share these stories with the person who hasn't yet been through it? It all goes along with the power of suggestion. If you tell me that my 40th birthday will bring about feelings of discomfort and angst then I automatically think that I will or should be going through this..Don't do this to people... On the other end of the spectrum..there have been a few women who have offered up many good vibes about the whole experience I will be facing tomorrow..I like these types of people..let's look at the good instead of the bad..From these women I now can expect to have an overall feeling of peace and wisdom from turning 40. They say that there is a sense of calmness about your 40' ideal of just being ok with I've got that going for me..I'll get back to you on this as I do need to try it all on for size! So, until then..peace.

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