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May 26, 2008

A Memorial Day of a different kind

Memorial Day for me has been something I have a deep heart for. My rememberances are of a different kind signifies the birth of my son Eddie. He wwas born on May 26, 1992. Today he is 16! WOW! The time sure does fly...Every memorial day for the past 16 years has been filled with presents and cakes and great kid parties. Those party days ended about 5 years agao though..when it was no longer cool to invite your friends over to celebrate. I sure miss those times! Because my son's birthday has always fallen on Memeorial Day weekend it was always so easy to round up all the kids for a great bash. I would always go all out for the kids too. Every year was a challenge to find a new and better place to hold a party at. The last one we had was at our local bowling alley and the owner of it opened it up especially for our party. What a great guy he was! Most adults and businesses are off celebrating the day at a BBQ or party of their this was very special to have someone do this for us. The best party we ever had was a year we held the party at a driving much fun for everyone..even the parents! But, all of that has been replaced as the kids get older. They don't want parties..well, I secretly think they all still do..but, it wouldn't be cool to do so...Now we celebrate with more expensive gifts and an expensive meal of's is Chinese food.. It is growing more difficult for me to make the kids birthday's a special day. I would usually accomplish that with a party know what I mean. What I have always done every year that I will continue to do is to tell my kids the story of the day they were born. That to me is special. I remember as much as I can about the day..times, places, pains etc. Both of my kids although now adults..and almost adults..are still very receptive to the yearly story...maybe they are now just trying to please me but I do love it... I just wanted to briefly share my Memeorial Day memories and what it will always mean to me....peace

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