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Jul 29, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Ok...Ok...Ok...I've always known that I am a HUGE procrastinator..but this is bordering on ridiculous! Has it really been two months since I last created a post? Either that means that I have had the good fortune to be amongst the living and actually enjoying my summer OR I have just been slacking! I can't bring myself to admit to you pick whichever one you think is the truth. There are still so many things on that endless 'to do' list that I have admittedly not even looked at let alone actually done. Where is the reason in that? Part of me feels as if I am actually accomplishing something by even adding items to the list but what good are they if you don't do them? Just ends up becoming an overwhelming long list of nothingness! I used to LOVE the actual physical crossing off of completed items on said list..but now it just all seems so overwhelming..NO MORE LISTS! Yeah, that's how I can solve the procrastination problem. Don't have anything to procrastinate over, right? In theory this sounds good but I will inevitably end up with a bazillion unfinished projects, a room-filled pile of dirty clothes, a sink-full of dishes, a dirty (and stinky) dog...unruley knee-high grass and an overwhelming sense of failure... So, I find myself having the need to create a rather twisted version of an Aesop (sp?)Fable...let's see...ok.." A long list of things to do that never get done is far greater than never getting done that long list of things to do"... Well that's not an Aesop's Fable at all...that's more of a revelation...a Confucious speak...some quirky play on words...But the sentiment is let's see what I can accomplish. The only way to actually accomplish anything at all is to get my 'growing by the day' ass up out of this chair and off of the be continued!

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