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Jul 30, 2008

OLD OLD OLD SKOOL! I've never claimed to be computer all BUT, I do like to pretend that I actually know what I am doing. This type of thinking can get me into some trouble. First, I have the great potential to F* up this whole blog! Who the hell knows just where I may be directing my blog peeps? I have been trying to add a few 'buttons" to try and cross-promote my etsy store...signing up for google placements..feeds...feedburner..links and whatnots! My head is spinning just thinking about it. Hopefully I have bullshited my way through all of the technology enough to send you all to places I have intended...Secondly, that 'ol ass-sucking time wasting vortex of know..the time it actually takes to try and navigate through all of the places that will optimize my views and increase my traffic flow...Hours upon hours of time have been devoted to such and all is still a big question mark to me. Let's just be straight here..I have no idea at all what I am doing...with the codes..and copying..and widgets..and feeds and blah, blah, blah! There is something to be said though at the amount of technology there is out there...especially for those who really do know how to use it could be worse...about 10 years ago..when we all had pagers...I had a numeric pager and my mother would actually call my pager number and attempt to leave a voicemail on it! I shit you not! Then she'd get so pissed that I didn't return any of her 'messages' she left me...I'd say.." is a numeric have to call and leave your phone number..then I call you back after I receive it", you guessed it...what she did after I gave her specific directions..YUP..she'd call my pager...and after the beep..would begin to leave her phone number by saying it outloud.....she never did quite grasp the idea of having to wait for the beep and then DIAL your number..Oh well. So after all of this crazy forward progression I am trying to put myself in technically..I'll never be as bad as my mom! (Although, I am certain my own kids laugh at me behind my back becuase of the less than knowledgible way I approach the 'puter!) I'm out for now..gotta get back to crafting!

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