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Aug 8, 2008

Blog Overhaul!!!

OK!!! So, last I wrote I was ranting about being computer savvy and all that entails. I have joined so many different networking sites to help promote my etsy shop and other crafters shops. With all of this comes a very big jumbled cloud of information and confusion for me..adding links, page elemnts, script, java whoosey-whatsies...html? I haven't a clue and really have been faking it for some time now and somehow getting away with making the correct settings etc. BUt this blog and its layout is not even close to being user-friendly or easy to navigate. Every piece of information contained here just lines up in a row and creates a very long viewing page. In my mind, I have great visions of how I want my blog to look. I think part of the reason I have not consistently kept up with it is because I hate the look and feel of it and as it is currently is not even close to a reflection of me. I liken this tositting in a dirty and cluttered room while trying to relax or craft..sure, you'll most likely be able to get something accomplished but we all know the process would have been much more enjoyable had we taken some extra time to rid ourselves of the mess. Same thing holds true with this blog..sure there is info to be had here and it is accessible but who the hell wants to sit here in the confusion? If I don't then certainly you don't! So, here's my plan...I have thrown in the towel of belief for myself. Belief that I do know what I am doing and that I can personally create the blog I am looking to have. I have gotten over the idea of pretending to know the difference of computer's a hard pill to swallow but I have hung my head low, in three-toed sloth-like movement and a very weary and cracking voice have approached my 21 year old daughter and asked for computer help! Embarassing as this may seem, and yes, it is for me...I do this and accept the humiliation for all of you...Because this blog has great potential and I have to at least exercise the possibility of it..I feel that after all is said and done..this will become a place that I enjoy visiting and participating, I have compiled some really great links for many of us..ther eis a wealth of information spewed among the hecticness of this, fingers crossed that this can get up and running at some point tomorrow provided I catch my daughter before she engages in a World of Warcraft marathon with her stay connected and see what's in store..until then..

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