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Aug 26, 2008

I'm an ETSY Handmade Kids Challenge Finalist!!!

Well, hello all.. I have some fabulous news to share with you. One of my etsy shop creations was entered into Etsy's big Handmade Kids Challenge contest became a finalist! This, folks, is a very BIG deal to me...there were 7 different categories to enter into. I entered my paper mache 'Spring Meadow' inspired pink piggie into the Home Decor category. Approximately 40 entrants in each category were chosen to be in the finals. Right now the voting is open and will continue until Septemeber 8th. The 1st round of contests will be calculated by the etsy community..the most voted item in each category will win that challenge. Another voting contest consisting of some pretty talented judges (from Martha Stewart, Decor8 and many more) will be placing their vote for the favorite in each category as well. Just to be picked as a finalist amongst the hundreds (maybe more) of entries is a huge deal for psyched about it. If you have not voted yet then get on over there..just by voting you are entering yourself into the etsy sweepstakes where 14 people will be picked to receive a $350 shopping spree on etsy! For every category you vote in you will receive an entry into the giveaway! Here is the link to the page that my piglet is on...make sure you are logged into your etsy account, find the piggie on the the circle and press cast vote at the bottom of the's that simple. Oh, by the way, you have to be a registered member of etsy to participate in the if you're not a member yet it is an easy thing to do..I'll also include the link to register and as always, it's totally free to become a member. Here's the link to my finalist's home decor page.. and here's the link to register on etsy if you aren't yet a member. Thanks to everyone who has already participated and entered a vote for me!

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