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Aug 12, 2008

On The Dot Creations Blog-iversary!!!

I wanted to share this news with everyone. I may have mentioned this site in another of my posts but since the time is quickly approaching I will share it now. There is a great blog penned by a wonderful woman named Julie. The blog set on the page with the celebration info thus far is.. Just click on it and it will take you there. Julie began this great blog approximately 6 months ago and she has decided to celebrate it with a 6-month 'blog-iversary!!! Let me tell you a quick bit about her site to begin with. Julie is a mom to a darling son and she runs her own Etsy shop. Her blog has been dedicated, since day one, to showcasing other Etsy shops and their owners. Each day Julie highlights an item from 5 shops. Typically her posts and highlights of items are based on a particular cupcakes or pink or trains get the idea. Julie also dedicates some posts to featuring various Esty artists with a series of interesting questions geared toward their craft, mediums, sales, successes etc. A very interesting read and it helps tremendously in getting to know different artists on a more personal level. I suspect many people frequent Julie's blog where these features enable a buyer to get a great sense of whom they are dealing with when making Etsy purchases. It is also a fantastic feature for us other Etsy sellers to draw inspiration from and to get a sense of community as many of us will never actually meet in person some of the people we have grown to know from the site. Julie's blog is extremely eye appealing as well. Her layout is very user-friendly and she has quite the talent at picking gorgeous and visually stimulating pieces. There is one common theme to Julie's blog..can you guess what it is? The hint should be in the name itself. There is only one requirement to having one of your items picked and featured on her blog..YUP! Your item has to be some sort of polka-dot themed, in one way or another...I am continuously enamored by Julie's daily ability to find such items and to then take it one step further to have these chosen pieces also fit into a themed category. Trust me...navigating through Etsy for such is not an easy task by any means! This alone tells me that Julie LOVES what she does and puts all of that into her blog..take a peek and you'll see what I mean. My biggest reason for this post is to let you all know that Julie and her beloved Onthedotcreations blog are partaking in a very big Blog-iversary beginning on August 18-22. Many Etsy shops are participating in this celebration by donating handmade items from their craft so that Julie can host daily giveaways during those dates! She has stated that there has been such an overwhelming response from shop owners that it has enabled her to put together 6 or 7 giveaways EACH DAY of her blog-iversary week (5 whole days!)!! I, and my Etsy shop are personally participating in the giveaway too. Of course I have created some items that follow the blog's polka-dot theme. I don't know every detail of the giveaway's yet but will keep you posted and/or you can follow the link to keep yourself up-to-date on the festivities! I'd say with the amount of participation that there's a good chance you could be the lucky recipient of one of these special be sure to enter . Julie is extremely efficient with her site and will be sure to share all of the details, rules, directions and just down right fun with her readers..but please, mark the date(s) and get ready for oodles of fun and join in with celebrating and wishing Julie a very Happy Blog-iversary!! More to come...

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