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Aug 16, 2008

A Thank You goes a LONG way!

It has been brought to my attention that people don't say thank you nearly as much as they should and even not at all in some cases! It saddens me greatly and it pisses me off at the same time. This is basic stuff people! I am sure that all of our mothers have taught us to say thank you and some were even more insistent, making us kids actually hand write thank you notes! Sure I may have bitched about it then but it is something I have grown to appreciate over the years and try to instill in my own brats. Even, dare I say, reminding my kids to thank ME when I do things for them. Sure, maybe motherhood holds many 'expected' things but a simple phrase, 8 wee little letters, two syllables, one breath and voila! I am rejuvenated to go on and do more things for them. The same holds true for others. This is even more so when someone is actually doing a lot of work for you and they don't even really know you very well. I bring this up because recently there has been a generation of etsy blogs popping up. Most blogs are for pure self promotion while others dedicate their pages and posts to promoting OTHERS! Blogging is hard work. You have to know your way around a computer and be willing to suck up many hours of your time to getting everything just right. I have links here on my blog to others that participate in such selfless ideals. These individuals have taken it upon themselves to seek out and offer 'free space' on their sites to fellow etsians and some who are a direct competition! How incredible is that? The downfall to this is that when seeking out other etsy shops one must usually advertise their blogs on the etsy forums. The immediate response to these posts are overwhelming and the poster is usually inundated with interested takers! Most of the time the blog author just requests a minimal amount of info from the shop owners and then they take that ball and run with it. One would think that the etsy shops involved in these blogs would be so thankful and grateful to the blogger for giving them such free advertising. Not to mention all of the invested time the blogger has taken away from other things to do this. But, the sad truth is that many of these shops just hit and run so to speak with never a thank you uttered. Even some loyalty to that just clicking and visiting even if just for a minute?! How about actually reading the posts on the blog or the emails generated by the blogger? NOPE..they just get discarded, ignored or deleted...unless of course such things are relevant to the shop...maybe they are being featured or one of their items were picked for an article..then their loyalty isn't in question! The bottom line here and it think there are a few..First, don't pretend that you are interested in something just to get some advertising..the person on the other end o that transaction is very invested in the whole thing! Second, spend a few precious minutes of your time LOOKING at the blog....the person on the other end has spent much time on it and has taken their time away from other things they could be doing. Third and most important, if you are going to be a shit about the whole thing and let your true colors show..then at least have the decency to extend a written 'thank you'..because the person on the other end isn't doing it for the thank you, they are doing it for every reason but, however a little, teeny, wee, puny thank you goes a very looooong way! Come on selfish somewhere else.

Oh...and on a very personal note..a big fat thank you to Amber at

to April at

to Julie at

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and to ALL of those dedicated bloggers committed to daily selfless acts of random kindness in promoting others! It is much appreciated by me.

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