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Aug 10, 2008

Getting There

Ok...My darling, sweet, smart and very computer-literate daughter has spent the better part of her Sunday afternoon changing the layout of my blog. The original layout was very scrambled and not conducive to good reading or viewing. It was one of those pre-programmed templates provided by this site. It was OK to get me up and running with my blog but I think I've just outgrown it. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. This means to me that I am getting the hang of this and that I just may be, dare I say, a blogger?! Blogs to me were always something someone else did and I read....certainly not something I would ever partake in personally. Like I said in my previous post, I am far from a computer far as understanding all those codes and letters and links and far as I knew..links were something I cooked with eggs and layout is something my friends and I did when we were teenagers in order to get that golden tan! And widget..well isn't it that girl from those 60's movies that hung out with surfers? I really could go on and on with this banter but I'll spare you somewhat from my humor! The point being is that I never would have thought at age 40 I'd be so old as to not be 'up to date' with the things my kids were in to and knew how to do..Having a lesson from my daughter makes me feel mother! UGGH! Point in case right there with taht one word..UGGH to my daughter is a great boot from Austrailia and to me it is reminiscent of something Charlie Brown would say after missing that damn football one too many times! I never would have thought that I'd be squeezed in , feet dangling, eyes that huge 'ol generation GAP! Screw the wrinkles..sagging boobs, unexplainable gas and the is this sort of thing that makes me feel old! Not more than what I think was just a few years ago, I was wiping my kids' I feel like they will soon be wiping mine! Imagine, all of this ridiculous thought because I felt the need to change the layout of my blog! I can't even begin to comprehend what I'll be feeling and going through on the day I decide to get my own website! Watch out world... Well, as of now, all is looking pretty good with the daughter picked a very nice layout for me and really did work hard at restoring all of the links that had magically disappeared when she was renovating this today...there are a few more that I have to and can add myself but other than that..all is right with the world! A big fat and juicy 'thank you' to my beautiful girl, Sammie!

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