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Aug 20, 2008

Today's the day!

Ok folks!!!! Today (8/20) is THE day that my donated items to onthedotcreations blog are being featured. They are giveaway #17! So get on over there and enter (it's SOOO easy) to win, win, win!!! If my items don't strike your fancy..and I don't see how they wouldn't-they're so cute...then do yourself a huge favor and enter one of the many already lited other giveaways. This celebration has been ongoing now for three whole days and there are 16 other giveaways prior to mine that you can enter into..I'm positive that something if not everything over there will get you excited at the possibilities of wining and owning them. Better yet, if there are items that you personally can't use (ie: a crib blanket) you should still enter that giveawy as th holiday season will be upon us before you know it and these gorgeous handmade items are sure to please someone on your list! What are you waiting for? Show me some love peeps! I am getting so self conscience over this as it is plainly written under each giveawy just how many people have entered each giveaway so it's almost like a high school popularity contest...Thus far, 16 wonderful and interested ladies have entered into my giveawy and I'm hoping for lots a sister out will ya? That's it for now..oh, and don't forget to check back in at onthedotcreations blog for many more items slated for the giveaways...At this point, we're only at the halfway point of beautiful items...see you there.

Here's the link again...

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